Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meeting With Health Minister

Homeopathic doctors are going to have a talk with health minister Mr. Shakti Basnet today regarding the future things to be done for the development of Homeopathy in Nepal. The meeting has been made possible by All Nepal Homeopathic Association.
The proposed agendas include:
1. Demanding a separate homeopathic medical council
2. Establishment of new homeopathic hospitals in different regions of Nepal
3. Establishment of government homeopathic medical college
4. Helping those colleges and institutions in existance

Saturday, March 5, 2011


With new generation of Homeopathic literates coming up, new ideas and new homeopathic clinic / centers are on the rise in the homeopathic world of nepal. The latest in this row is Karuna Health Care centre, run by Dr. Ruchi Saxena from Maharastra, India. In the Karuna, along with homeopathic consultations other alternative forms of medicines will also be available.
Before Karuna, Kathmandu Homeopathic Hall was opened in Old Baneshwar, Kathmandu..
Several many homeopathic clinics and centers are planning to come this year..
Similarly Shwabe India is planning to inagurate a full fledged Homeopathic Pharmacy in Kathmandu according to reliable sources.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Nepal Homeopathic College may come to Kathmandu

In the homeopathic World of Nepal, a rumor has become a hot cake that the Nepal homeopathic Medical College of Biratnagar might come to Kathmandu from Next month. The talks are going on to transfer the college to Kathmandu, according to some reliable source.
However the rumor was there since more than 6 months that the college is being transfered.

Admission open in Homeopathic Health Assistant Course

Bhaktapur Homeopathic Medical College has opened the admission for 3rd batch of HHA (Homepathic Health Assistant). The date for submission of form has been told upto 4th of Bhadra.
You can collect the forms from the College administration office.
For details look at the advertisement in the right hand side of this page

Homeopathic Hospital gets new Gadgets

The only government hospital of Nepal, Pashupati Homeopathic Hospital has been successful to get a vehicle and 3 computers for the doctors working there. However, the hospital has been unsuccessful to improve the quality of service and necessary medical infrastructures.

Nepal Homepathic Clinic Celebrates its First Anniversary

Nepal Homeopathic Clinic, which was established in August 7th 2009, celebrated its glorious first anniversary. During this whole year the clinic saw a lot of ups and downs.
The speciality of the clinic was that most of the patients got relief during the course of treatment, and some of them got cured as well.
Especially remembering cases were a tumor of one of the recti muscle causing the protrusion of right eyeball being cured with Thuja and a case of gangrene getting marvelously well with phosphorus and a case of Severe chronic UTI getting really well and without antibiotic with Kali-Bi...
The clinic has expressed its due gratitude to all the patient and that the clinic will work even hard to cure almost all the patients from almost all the complaints.
If you have any problems, you all are also welcomed in the clinic.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A talk program going to be organized

Bhaktapur Homeopathic Medical College and All Nepal Homeopathic Association is going to organize a talk program about relevance of Homeopathy in the context of Nepal and also the world scenario. Where the homeopaths aim to give information, mainly to the government officials. Dr. Ortrud Lindemann, a world class homeopath and Dr. M.K Sahni, an eminent homeopath are arriving for the program. The program is scheduled to be organized on 28th of June Monday.